Friday, May 17, 2013

Here are some pictures and a short narrative from our St. Luke's Belltower open house!
 We had it between the services, and we wanted to try something new; we've had cake up in the tower before, but this time we worked to catch people as they were leaving out the front door. Here you can see our cake stand as seen out the front window of the ringing room.

We got a nice crowd to show up; Charlie discussed the bell model while Sawyer led visitors up to see the bells.

We then had a short spot of ringing on the front three bells.

We actually couldn't ring any greater number, we just didn't have the room with the crowd we had.

Visitors always find it irresistible to look up while there is ringing going on.

We then took the time to let some visitors try out the ropes.

There were many others who got a turn, but these two happened to be the ones who smiled the most!

Thanks again to all those who helped make this a successful open house!