Friday, January 9, 2009

Update on Katy Idle

Alice Heilker recently got this update from our old friend Katy Idle. The following is from Katy:

“ I've graduated last week from Sheffield and am going to grad school at Loughborough in September. If you're interested, pics are on the link below. “

I already got my Masters in ME - am doing another one in Renewable Energy!

We wish Katy the best in her graduate studies, and hope she can visit us again soon.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Day Date Touch

What kind of photo is that?? Well, it's the kind of photo you take when there isn't an extra person to take the picture, and you can't figure out how to use your camera's auto-timer! This crazy picture was taken just after completing a date touch on New Year's Day. Here are the details:

1 Jan 2009, 2009 Doubles
(4m: 2 ext Stedman, 4 ext Plain, 4 ext St Simon's, 6 ext plus 89 changes Grandsire)

1. Derek J Wilsden (C)
2. Mary Platt
3. Charley Heilker
4. Kathryn E Tucker
5. Cathy Brown
6. Judith Smith

To welcome the New Year.
Most changes of doubles all ringers.