Saturday, January 30, 2010

Left to right: Lyn Barnett, Mary Platt, Phil Teague, Alice Heilker, Charley Heilker, Derek Wilsden, Jay Williams, Bill Buckner, Jeremy Johnson, Ted Clark, Jenne Johnson, Sawyer Gosnell, Judith Smith, Amy Bischoff, Jeanne Averhart and Joe Roberts. (Missing: Kathryn Tucker, photographer)

On Saturday, January 30th, 7 ringers from Birmingham drove eastward in search of other friendly ringers with whom to share a morning and afternoon. Thankfully, the doors of St. Luke's, Atlanta were opened and ringing began on time and in earnest.

One of the newest ringers from B'ham, Amy Bischoff, was able to participate in call changes, as well as some excellent tenor behind practice. And she's only been ringing since August 2009! Jeanne Averhart is conquering Plain Hunt on 5, as well as covering. Jenne and Jeremy Johnson rang Plain Bob Triples, and Jeremy worked on Grandsire Doubles, as well as call changes and excellent tenor behind. Phil Teague will be traveling to Charleston for the "Ring Around Ch'ston" weekend and wanted to hone his PB Doubles skills - he's hoping to ring a quarter inside while in South Carolina. Joe Roberts was a very easy-going man - filling in at tenor behind, trebling and working on PB Doubles. And their inimitable leader, Ted Clark, rang a sweet plain course of Cambridge Minor, as well as leading much of the ringing. And now it's time for lunch! Below you will see Derek and Charley enjoying the gifts of nosh provided by our B'ham friends.

While a variety of folks wandered in and out of the bell chamber, helping themselves to sandwiches, chips, fruit, cake and streusel bars, ringing continued in earnest. Jay Williams got a couple of chances to ring one of the St. Luke's bells; the long draft, however, proved to be a bit of a challenge for someone who is fairly new to ringing and blind, to boot. He took it all in stride and looks forward to his next visit to St. Luke's.

A quarter peal was attempted toward the end of the ringing session; Jeanne Averhart has not yet rung a quarter peal and was hoping that this might be the day. Sadly, it was not. Maybe it was the dreary, drippy weather; maybe it was the fatigue; or maybe it just wasn't the day. However, we will all do our best to see that Jeanne scores a quarter in the not too distant future.

Many thanks to the St. Luke's folks (Lyn, Bill, Judith and Sawyer) and especially to Sawyer who very capably led much of the ringing. Thanks to the Marietta people (Mary, Derek, Charley, Alice, Kathryn and Jay) who drove down to support the ringing. And kudos to the Steel City travelers for getting up at "chicken-thirty" (thanks for that wonderful phrase, Ted!) to drive to the ATL, providing food and giving us an excuse to ring for four and a half hours on a Saturday!

On the right, you will find Sawyer Gosnell, Ted Clark, Jeremy Johnson and Amy Bischoff practicing the Exercise.