Monday, October 20, 2008

St. Luke's Celebrates 8th Anniversary of Tower Bells

North American Guild
Atlanta, Georgia
St. Luke
Sunday, 19 October 2008 (13 cwt)
1260 Plain Bob Triples
1 Tommy Lazenby
2 Kathryn E. Tucker
3 Lyn A. Barnett
4 Charley Heilker
5 Sawyer Gosnell
6 Bill Buckner
7 Derek J. Wilsden (C)
8 Judith Smith
In celebration of St. Luke's Day and to mark the 8th anniversary of the dedication of the tower and bells.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I Loved the AGM in Miami

The ubiquitous "pink flamingo sunglasses" worn by (l to r) Sudie Lea O'Connor, Beverly Faber, Peter Trotman and Mary Platt.

10) Tropical weather (i.e. rain!)
9) Eating paella at the Botanical Gardens and getting acquainted with folks I'd seen but never really talked to.
8) Bell-themed Evensong service.
7) Seeing a well-behaved Shih-Tzu sitting in the pew behind me at the Friday Evensong service; he brought along his two human companions, also!
6) Standing on the 40th floor balcony of the Treleaven home, eating Cuban food and listening to a beautiful touch of Bob Major on handbells.
5) Getting a tour of South Beach, courtesy of Bill Buckner, and marveling at the "Hollywood film set" ambiance of it all.
4) Sitting outdoors, enjoying warm evening breezes, at Nemo restaurant in South Beach, eating great food with great friends.
3) Appreciating the incredibly hospitable Miami ringers, who always had a smile, no matter what was thrown at them.
2) Attending a reasonably short, well-run AGM meeting (thank you, Lyn Barnett), followed by an excellent AGM banquet with (guess what!) delicious food.

.....and the #1 reason I loved the Miami AGM

1) TONS of ringing time!!!

As an aside, there is one final reason I loved the AGM in Miami: hearing about next year's AGM in New York City. Look for the promotional buttons on the cork board in the St. James ringing room.