Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Running Ringers

Once a year St. James Episcopal Church has a huge fundraiser called the Wonderful Days of Winter 5K Race. Founded in 1974, Wonderful Days Preschool is St. James’ primary outreach to the Marietta community. Forty to fifty children from low-income families attend the preschool and their transportation, tuition, and two meals a day are paid for by St. James’ and other charitable organizations. Since most of their students are Hispanic and English is not their first language, Wonderful Days helps them become fluent in English and prepares them for elementary school. This year two of our ringers, Kathryn Tucker and Chris Brown, ran in the race while some of the less energetic ringers helped with the lunch that followed. It was a really nice morning, cold and clear, with no sign of our impending doom, that is the snow.