Thursday, September 24, 2009

Young Ringers' Wednesday Practice

It's not just school that has recommenced. We welcomed Chris, Will, Emma, and Kevin back to Wednesday's Young Ringers' practice. Although regular practices had halted for summer vacation, Will and Kevin kept their skills up by helping out with Sunday service ringing and ringing for weddings and funerals. With so many ringers traveling this summer, their help was essential in making all our ringing commitments. Emma and Chris, who spent much of their summer traveling and not ringing, had no problems getting right back into the swing of things. The group is keeping us busy as they tackle Plain Hunt and Plain Bob Doubles and continue ringing the Treble and Tenor during methods .

We just found out that the video about St. James and Change Ringing that Will wrote and produced for the contest Reflections placed first at the state wide level. To learn about the history of St. James Tower Bells and to watch and listen while they are rung, you can view Will's award winning video below. Will is also helping with the Children's Sunday School tours of the bell tower.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

End of Summer Signals Return of MMI Practices

Summer vacations sent our band all over the world. You can read about Cathy and Derek's ringing vacation in England and Mary Platt's ringing trip to South Africa in earlier blogs entries. Between family vacations, visiting family and attending CCCBR meetings in England it has been hard to know exactly where Kathryn was at any given moment. She is our Carmen Sandiego. Sally 's family visited relatives in Sienna Italy where they had a glorious time and glorious weather. Sally got a family photo in front of the Colosseum in Rome. Dianna does so much exotic traveling during the year that she vacationed in New Hampshire for a change of pace.
So vacations are over and everyone has returned from the various ringing workshops/weekends in Pittsburgh and Hendersonville and the AGM in New York. Now that we are all back, we will be resuming our usual ringing schedule and that includes regular MMI practices. So advanced ringers, please CHECK OUT THE MMI PRACTICE SCHEDULE!!