Thursday, May 20, 2010

St Luke's AGM

The St Luke's AGM meeting was held this evening. If you wish, please contact Sawyer for a copy of the minutes.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

St. James End of Season Social

The ringing season seems to parallel the school season - ringers are abundant in the fall, disperse a bit during the Christmas season, re-assemble in the spring and then a major diaspora occurs at the beginning of summer. So a social event was planned for May, before people took off for the four corners of the earth, enjoying summer breaks.
On May 1st, St. James ringers gathered at the log cabin clubhouse of my neighborhood - it is roomy, comfortable and has a handy kitchen for last-minute food preparation. We enjoyed mac-n-cheese, meatball sandwiches, green salad, fruit salad, chips and all sorts of other yummy dishes. Music played in the background as we talked, laughed and enjoyed our two resident babies: Rahne and Ridley Tallent, Mary Platt's beautiful grandchildren, ages "almost two" and 5 months, respectively.
Thank you to everyone who made this party possible, and happy travels to all, wherever you may go this summer.