Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thundering Bells in Birmingham

Amidst lightning, thunder, rain and wind, intrepid ringers from St. Luke's, St. James' and St. Paul's in Birmingham gathered for a day of ringing on Saturday, April 24th. Six North Georgia ringers (along with Louise Booth, our volcano refugee from England) drove to Birmingham to support a day-long practice and quarter peal attempts: Lyn Barnett, Bill Buckner, Charley Heilker, Mary Platt, Kathryn Tucker and Derek Wilsden. All of us ringers from the Atlanta area were impressed with the wonderful progress that so many of the ringers in Birmingham have made - may it continue to be so!
We were treated to a lovely lunch, which included barbecue chicken, salads, fruit, delicious side dishes and desserts - we ate while watching the lightning flash, trees sway and rain pour down. Some folks even felt a bit of rain sneaking in to the ringing room through the rope holes!
Below is a photo of the quarter peal band for Plain Bob Doubles - a first for Jeanne Averhart, after a few practice attempts in the past!Derek Wilsden (c), Bill Buckner, Jeanne Averhart, Ted Clark, Kathryn Tucker and Mary Platt

Monday, April 5, 2010

Special Practice this Tuesday.

At St Luke's, with the visiting peal band, starting at 7(ish). Please let me know if you have special requests, or things you wish to continue to work on that you may have started with this Monday's practice. If nothing else, I hope to focus on ten bell methods while we've got the opportunity, but I also think that we're going to dedicate some time to Cambridge Major and London Major, or even Royal if we're feeling adventurous. Just let me know.