Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July Fourth QP at St James, Marietta

St James', Marietta GA on 4 July 2011 (in 39 minutes)
1. Diane K Campion
2. Mary Platt
3. Jay Williams
4. Derek J Wilsden (C)
5. Charley Heilker
6. Alice Heilker
In celebration of July 4th!
First inside: 3.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two Quarter Peals at St James

St James', Marietta GA on 9 July 2011, in 42 minutes
1. Alice Heilker
2. Kathryn E Tucker (C)
3. Charley Heilker
4. Mary Platt
5. Catherine P Brown
6. Quilla Roth
7. Matthew C Brown
8. Jay Williams
Rung in celebration of the birthdays of Rahne Tannent, Bill Rush, and the conductor.

St James', Marietta GA, on 10 July 2011, in 47 minutes
1. Alice Heilker
2. Mary Platt
3. Kathryn E Tucker
4. Charley Heilker
5. Derek J Wilsden
6. Jay Williams
7. Sawyer Gosnell
8. Quilla Roth (C)
In memoriam Paul Ervin Engsberg, whose visionary efforts brought change ringing bells to the Breslin Tower of the U. of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee in 2003; died 6 July 2011.
First quarter of Major: 1,6.

Hugely successful Young Ringers Workshop at St James

Quilla Roth (Washington DC) led a four-day workshop July 6-9 for six of the seven young ringers of the St James (Marietta) Guild, and the four adult teachers of the weekly Wednesday evening class benefitted as much as the youngsters in my estimation. Quilla is due the most heartfelt thanks for her enthusiasm, skill, patience, hand-outs galore, and more, from
the Young Ringers- Cayla, Cicelia, and Emma, and Chris, Kevin, and Will; and
their Adult Teachers- Alice, Cathy (principal), Charley, and Derek.
The workshop addressed rope/bell handling issues, rounds and call changes, hunting 4 through 6, and the methods Plain Bob doubles and minor (including bobs) and Bastow Little Bob minimus and minor, according to each young ringer's ability to date. They were joined by other adult members of the Guild on Saturday morning.

Quilla's presence additionally helped the adult ringers to have a London Surprise Minor practice during the evening of the 7th, and the attempting of three quarter peals at the weekend. The first two were successful as shown adjacent to this post; an attempt at London resulted in non-rounds at the end of the first extent, but we continued on well into the third of the three parts of the second extent before a fire-up brought us to a "Stand!" - all amounting to another valuable practice of the method.