Thursday, August 26, 2010

Field Trip for Marietta's Young Ringers

On Saturday, July 31, our Young Ringers went to St. Luke's on their first field trip for ringing. Everyone had such a great time, I am sure that it won't be their last. The size of the bells didn't faze them or if it did, the fun of ringing larger bells won out over any reservations they might of had. At first Emma didn't want to ring the tenor, but after watching the guys all have a turn, she reconsidered. She needed some help pulling off, but once she started ringing, it was just another adventure. By the end of practice, our group was ringing together on the back four. With everyone's crazy schedules, it is challenging to find time for one weekly practice and two would be impossible, but I noted a hint of appreciation when Emma said, "So you GET to practice here each week - cool!" Emma, a gymnast, is clear on the value of practice.

After practice we all went to lunch at the Varsity, an Atlanta tradition , for burgers, slaw dogs, fries and the best onion rings in the world.
So a big thank you to the St. Luke's Band and special thanks to Sawyer Gosnell for helping us set it up. Now we have to start thinking about the next field trip. If only school and sports didn't get in the way.